English to German Tools

Using the below German Language Learning Tools you will be speaking German in no time.

English to German Stickers


Using our English to German Stickers you will be learning and remembering German in no time.



Repetition is the key to learning a new language, with the assistance of Language Learning Stickers, It has never been easier to increase your knowledge and vocabulary in a new foreign language. Apply these stickers on or near your everyday items so that you are always practicing your German just by going about your day to day activities.


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165 Words all Colour Coded

165 Common words are included as well as  Colour coded according to German Articles such as: "der" "die" "das" Plural & Numbers. This will help to reduce the time it takes to start speaking German like a pro

High Quality Sticker Design

Each sticker includes one German word and matching Icon as well as a English translation and colour coded according to German Articles . They are printed using high quality material that also allows for mark free removal.

German To English Language Translator

Alternatively You can try our FREE Google Powered German Language Translation Tool
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